My experiences here have been nothing but pleasant. The front desk staff, whether in person or on the phone, has always been friendly and pleasant to talk with. Joy is my hygienist and I really like her! She is friendly and by the end of my appointments it always feels like it went by quickly. After a cleaning my mouth is pretty pain free and I normally have a lot of plaque due to a permanent retainer. The Dr. is also very friendly with a kind demeanor. I have never had a long wait time either which is always nice! Overall I couldn’t recommend this dental office more!

Courtney S.

This is where I take my family, and they are the best! My father recently had teeth pulled elsewhere, and they left behind a piece of tooth, which started to cause my dad agony. When he called me asking if I knew a place he could go, I immediately recommended Chehalis Family Dental. They got him in quick, and got the piece out, relieving my dad's pain. I will always recommend Chehalis Family Dental!!

Vanessa R.

So happy to have found Dr. Cho and his staff. Highly professional, patient, compassionate and they are happy....always a nice smile and greeting from front office to back office. They describe options and recommendations for your dental plan. Highly recommend!!

Nancy F.

I’ve been going to this same office for 10 years along with my husband and children. Both Dentists I have seen here are kind and smart. The staff is caring and personable , they make bridges that are works of art. The office is very nice. They do their absolute best to teach us how to achieve the best dental health we can. They do more than just patch you up, there’s always a plan for your best you.

Melissa C.

Dr. Cho and Sonya were very gentle, kind, and compassionate. They were always making sure that things were still going well and I had no pain. They answered all of my questions and made sure I had the best experience possible. Mindy at the front desk was also very attentive, making sure to get me in as soon as possible, quickly answering the phone, and getting any paperwork done. I had the best experience switching from my old family dentist to Chehalis Family Dental and I will continue going and referring others.

Sadie J.

I have had mostly bad experiences with dentists and avoid going to them until there is nothing else I can do. This is the first dental experience I have had that was calm, pleasant and where I felt relaxed . Everyone working there smiles and they seem genuinely concerned about you and do everything they can to give you a pleasant experience. It was so refreshing AND they tell you exactly what you ask them and are very knowledgeable. Super thorough . Love them and can't say enough about them! I have definetely found my dental place and highly recommend it.❤

Sandy A.

When I was a kid growing up, the dentist my mom took me to was like going to a torture chamber. As an adult I would have described my childhood dentist as someone who committed assault and battery.....and enjoyed it. Lets fast forward 40 years, and we now have Dr. Cho. Thank God in heaven for this saint of a man/dentist and his wonderful staff. What a great environment from the folks up front to the folks in the back. I personally hate needles and getting shots in my mouth. Dr. Cho said I will feel nothing during my last visit today. He was right! The man walks on water. Needless to say I love this place as much as it is possible to love a dentist office. If you have teeth in your mouth, they must be seen and taken care of by this establishment. Even if you don't, I bet they would massage your gums and make you feel better. That's all for now! I'm off to admire my pearly whites!

Douglas T.

Dr. Cho and his staff are simply amazing! Like most people, growing up I dreaded going to the dentist because it was never a pleasant experience. However, going to Chehalis Family Dental almost seems like a social event. The staff are very friendly and hospitable. Even though you initially feel vulnerable sitting in a dental chair, Dr. Cho's calm and friendly demeanor puts you right at ease. (The giant windows in the rooms also helps esp for those who are claustrophobic ). Dr. Cho makes you feel comfortable, pain free, and ensures you get the proper care without cutting any corners. He is very thorough in explaining the steps he is taking and educates you in how to take better care of your teeth. You will feel like a family here and highly recommend this Dental Clinic!

Al U.

Chehalis Family Dental is the best dental office I’ve ever been to! The front office staff is welcoming and very helpful. Each employee that has attended to me has been careful and thoughtful. Hearing their pleasant conversations while getting dental work done is a nice, calm distraction. Dr. Cho and his staff are to be commended for their hard work, excellent care and sparkling clean facilities. Thank you for making my dental experiences enjoyable!

Carmen R.

Dr. Cho is kind and competent. Going to the dentist can be a really uncomfortable experience... Not here! From my first visit, I have been treated gently, and my fears of the dentist alleviated. From the friendly and accommodating front desk staff, the personable and educated dental assistants, and to Dr. Cho himself, everyone gets an A+, in my book. I highly recommend this dental office!

Katie A.

This review is long overdue! I just want to start by saying how amazing the staff at Chehalis Family Dental is. I have never felt more welcome, comforted and in good hands as I do when I’m there. I have been to several different dentists over the past 10 years. Hands down they are the best. I had a major bridge put in and it came out perfect! They have given me my smile back and restored my self-confidence. I 1000% recommend Chehalis Family Dental to anyone looking for a new dentist. They do amazing work and they treat you right!

Michael L.

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